Ultratrex's Amphibious Excavators (Belgium Operation)

22 Feb 2014

Ultratrex's Amphibious Excavators (also known as Swamp Buggy)
Welcome to Amphibious Excavator-your home for the largest range of swamp buggies available in the market. Amphibious Excavators are indeed versatile machines and they are variousely called Swamp Buggy, Marsh Buggies, Floating Excavator, Pontoon Excavator and Swamp Excavator depending on where it is used. The Ultratrex range of amphibious excavators is made by Ultratrex Machinery-the only ISO 9001:2008 certified Excavator Undercarriage Manufacturer based in Asia. Ultratrex Excavators come with various arms and pontoons to suit various types of jobs and they are fully tested in the extreemest of environments. When you own an Ultratrex Machine, you will have the confidence that it has been configured to work well and with the best of efficiency. The bottom line is important and that is what matters to you.

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